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Yes hi! arcNET 0.5 RC 1 released by admin - 08/20/12 @ 12:28 PM PDT #

Version 0.5 RC1 and 0.6 Alpha 3 are up for download!

Yes hello! by admin - 08/18/12 @ 02:14 PM PDT #

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Those interested, There is a note on ay for pyt,
those who knows me, knows what info you will need to gain access.
I hope all is doing well, I´m sorry I can´t be more active than I have here for you. What time I am able to be here, I have so much more to check on. That does not mean that your not important to me, Because everyone of you, Is important to me. Once I get better, You will see me more and I hope to bring all of you home soon

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See it was very easy to top your post

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